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Let's face it, healthy can be hard sometimes. There's enough going on in our everyday lives, it's hard to prioritise the one thing thats matters most - our health.

We design and build chatbots that provide solutions to big problems that make healthy, easy. 


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The burden of disease is shared disproportionately across different populations because of unjust influences on health systems, resources, economics, and politics. Our solutions create, and promote equity to ensure those that need help the most, get it.

Our solutions embody four core principles that we believe are key to making a difference to the lives of many


A world's first, and not our last

We turn ideas, into reality.  Check out some of our work to date

Curbing online misinformation on vaccines. The world's first chatbot developed and launched in an epidemic.

Self triage and referral systems for COVID-19 testing, and management of misinformation


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